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What is a nursing home?

Created for seniors who need long term care, nursing homes in Woods Bay provide older people with professional health assistance. Governed by state and federal laws, these long term care facilities must be licensed and residents must be assessed to determine what their medical needs and capabilities are. Nursing homes are like retirement centers in some respects because residents can profit from mixing with others and sharing in exercise and activity programs. Having said that they also receive supplementary health care combining areas like nutritional care, rehabilitation and mobility. Nurses also assist with simpler tasks like bathing, changing clothes and using the toilet.

What is elder care in Woods Bay?

Elder care is the umbrella term used to cover key senior needs, such as retirement homes, nursing homes, adult day centers, hospice care and in-home care. These facilities and services have been designed to provide seniors with everything they need in old age. This can comprise of help with everyday tasks like looking after the household and dressing aid with memory issues, physical illness and medicines. The amount of of elder care you need will be your decision - if your independence is your main concern a retirement community may be exactly what you need but if you are finding it tricky moving abour and looking after yourself you will probably be better off in a nursing home.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living in Woods Bay has been created for people who cannot live independently any more but do not need the full time care that is provided in nursing homes. Somewhere between an independent living community and a skilled nursing facility, this form of elder care is becoming an increasingly popular choice - you can benefit from your own freedom but get help if you need it at any time. Senior residents can take advantage of being close to people of a similar age and obtain extra help with everyday jobs like washing and cooking.

Retirement homes

Soon to retire and keen to find a retirement home in Woods Bay where you can meet people of the same age who want to relax, socialise and enjoy their twilight years? With a mix of retirement homes to choose from it can be difficult to decide which senior housing facility will best meet your needs - conceived to provide older people with a multi dimensional space where they can benefit from living in a community setting, share mealtimes with others and take part in fun activities, retirement homes are a superb solution for senior partners and singles who value camaraderie and companionship.

Mobility devices in retirement homes

If you have arthritis or another illness that reduces your movement, a mobility device is essential for maintaining your independence. Woods Bay retirement homes recognise this fact and often provide or allow access for walking sticks, lift chairs, wheelchairs, crutches or zimmerframes that assist you in performing your everyday activities. Some retirement homes will be specially adapted for wheelchair users and lift chairs with padding will be available to assist those who find it hard to stand up from a seated position. Making your individual needs clear is always advised because each retirement home is different, however many facilities will be keen to accommodate everyone.

What is Woods Bay respite care?

Respite means to take a break or a pause - when you're caring for an elderly relative full time it can take its toll on yourself and your family, which is why you need to take some time off. This sort of short term but regular care can be an absolute life saver and though you may feel guilty about leaving your loved one in someone else's care for a while it is a prudent and sometimes necessary choice. These time limited breaks can be short or slightly longer making them ideal if you need to de-stress, unwind and take some time for yourself.

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