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1521 3rd Avenue North, Great Falls, MT.
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Retirement living in Sun River

Retirement living in Sun River may just be what you've been looking for but be sure to take the time to consider all of your options before you get your heart set on a specific facility. Don't be afraid to ask questions about every facility, like the activities available, the current residents, amenities, features and local restaurants and entertainment areas. Do you want to secure a community in a spot close to your family's residence or or do you want to live where there is quick access to hospitals? Whatever you do, be confident that your budgeting needs are kept at the forefront.

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The chief symptoms of Alzheimer's are made up of lapses of memory, confusion, mood swings, forgetfulness, withdrawal from social activities, communication issues and set backs with recalling names and dates. The impact of the disease is not the same for all sufferers, which means some people may show the totality of signs where as other patients exhibit just a few.

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