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Retirement homes and mobility devices

If you have been told you have arthritis or maladies that affect movement, a mobility device is extremely important in maintaining your independence level. Pembroke retirement homes are conscious of this and therefore allow access for crutches, zimmerframes, walking sticks, lift chairs or wheelchairs that help you get around. Numerous retirement homes will be adapted specially for wheelchair users and lift chairs with padding will be available to assist those who find it hard to stand up from a seated position. Talking about your unique needs is advised because every retirement home varies in its operation, however many facilities will be keen to accommodate everyone.

Reasons to use Pembroke respite care

It is tough, hard work and tiring to care for a family member who has health problems over consecutive weeks and months. Although it can be disturbing to hand over the reigns and allow someone else to care for your elderly relative, you do need to stop and take a break once in a while to recharge your batteries - Pembroke respite care is the best option. This service can be arranged for a few hours in your home or you can adopt residential respite care where your loved one can stay overnight. If you are looking to go on holiday or make a business trip you can have the peace of mind that your parents or indeed any senior family member or friend is being looked after with due respect and attention.

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What should seniors eat?

In essence the foods that physicians, nutritionists and doctors have decided are healthy for older people are usually the same as the foods that young people should incorporate into their diet too. Vibrant vegetables and delicious fruits should be a mainstay in addition to foods that are high in fibre like greens, beans, wholegrains, brown rice, peas and lentils. Give the read meat a rest and choose lean chicken or fish instead.

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