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Users of nursing homes

Seniors who cannot monitor their health independently often go for Park nursing homes. A selection of nursing facilities can manage physical issues, such as Parkinson's disease and strokes, where as other specialized homes were established for people suffering with memory loss and agitation through Alzheimer's disease. If you cannot change, bathe or cook on your own a nurse will offer the additional support you need to carry out these basic tasks in professional and relaxed surroundings. In most cases the residents of Park nursing homes are those who need long term care from reliable sources but do not require hospitalization - they have access to 24 hour care and their friends and families can feel confident that their loved one is in the safest hands.

Available elder care options in Park

Elder care in Park is diverse - there are a number of choices that seniors can select ranging from day centers and retirement blocks to respite care, assisted living complexes and nursing homes. Your specifics will determine your end choice. If you want to get to know other seniors in a relaxed setting then you should set your sights on a retirement home. On the other hand you can still get to know other seniors, play games and eat meals together at day centers where you have the opportunity to stay for the day, a few hours or even minutes. Nursing homes are a great fit for senior citizens with long term problems, such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, back pain or Alzheimer's. In these facilities healthcare teams will be on hand to help you.

What can be found in a Park assisted living facility?

There are a mix of varied assisted living facilities in Park that feature a range of characteristics. Lots of them comprise of one bedroom private apartments on top of a kitchen space and living room. However, there are other facilities where residents reside in dormitory style buildings in single rooms like a hotel. Common spaces for socialising are located in many types of assisted living areas and fully qualified staff are always close by to support residents who ask for help.

Retirement homes and mobility devices

If you have been told you have arthritis or maladies that affect movement, a mobility device is indispensable when it comes to maintaining your independence. Park retirement homes are conscious of this and therefore allow access for zimmerframes, walking sticks, lift chairs, wheelchairs or crutches that help you move about. Lots of retirement homes will be adapted for users of wheelchairs and soft padded lift chairs will be available to assist those who need assistance to stand up after being seated on a chair for a long period. Ensuring your unique needs are discussed is recommended because every retirement home varies in its operation, however the majority of facilities will make it a point to oblige.

Visiting the bathroom in Park retirement homes

Retirement staff understand that visiting the bathroom can prove troublesome in old age - from Foley cathaters, washable incontinence pads, adult diapers, bed pans and urinals, they know about the lot and apprehend how this personal issue needs to be handled with sensitivity. You will never feel embarrassed because they have been given the proper training to manage these matters with utmost professionalism, which means you can retain your dignity.

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Alzheimer's cure

Currently a cure for Alzheimer's disease does not exist but a treatment of drugs can be administered by physicians that soften the symptoms and hamper its progression rate. These drugs can lessen the impact of the disease for six months to a year in some instances.

What should seniors eat?

In essence the foods that dieticians and doctors have advised are healthy for older people are usually the same as the foods that young people should incorporate into their diet too. Fruits and vegetables featuring all the colours of the rainbow should be the focus as well as natural foods that are fibre rich like beans, wholegrains, brown rice, peas, lentils and greens. Eat less red meat and try to incorporate more fresh fish and lean chicken.

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