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Users of nursing homes

Seniors who cannot monitor their health independently often select East Point nursing homes. Numerous nursing facilities can monitor physical issues, such as Parkinson's disease and strokes, where as other specialized homes were designed for Alzheimer's disease sufferers. If you find it particularly difficult to change your clothes, cook for yourself or take a shower on your own a nurse will aid you in completing these activities each day in a relaxed atmosphere. Usually East Point nursing home residents in East Point are those who need long term care from reliable sources but do not require hospitalization - they cane benefit from care at all hours and their families can feel assured that their loved one is in the right hands.

Available elder care options in East Point

Elder care in East Point is diverse - there are numerous options that seniors can pick from ranging from day centers and retirement blocks to assisted living complexes and respite care. The final choice will be dependent on what you are looking for. If you are intent on meeting similar people in a safe atmosphere then a retirement home is a worthwhile consideration. However, you can still benefit from many of these qualities at day centers where you can stay for the whole day or just an hour. Nursing homes are a great fit for senior citizens with long term problems, such as back pain, Alzheimer's, arthritis, heart disease or diabetes. At this type of facility you will benefit from the experience of qualified healthcare specialists.

What can be found in a East Point assisted living facility?

There are a mix of varied assisted living facilities in East Point that boast a wide scope of features. Lots of them comprise of one bedroom private apartments in addition to a kitchenette and living space. At the same time other varieties of facilities are available where users live in single bedrooms in buildings akin to dormitories almost like a hotel. Shared areas for socialising are located in lots of types of assisted living complexes and qualified staff tend to be available to help if facility users need it.

Retirement homes and mobility devices

If you have been told you have arthritis or maladies that affect movement, a mobility device is essential when it comes to fulfilling your need to be as independent as possible. East Point retirement homes are conscious of this and therefore allow access for lift chairs, wheelchairs, crutches, zimmerframes or walking sticks that help you carry out your daily activities. Numerous retirement homes will be adapted specially for wheelchair users and cushioned lift chairs will be available to assist those who cannot stand up alone after being seated for a long period. Talking about your unique needs is advised because every retirement home varies in its operation, however most facilities will be happy to oblige in the main.

Assistance with toileting facilities in East Point retirement homes

Retirement staff know that it can be difficult to make bathroom visits as the years go by - from bed pans, urinals, Foley cathaters, washable incontinence pads and adult diapers, they have seen them all and understand how this delicate issue needs to be handled with sensitivity at all times. You will never feel embarrassed because they have been given the proper training to deal with these matters professionally, which means you can retain your dignity.

Reasons to use East Point respite care

It is tough, hard work and tiring to care for a family member whose health is deteriorating over consecutive weeks and months. Even though it can be troubling to let someone else monitor your elderly relative, you do need to stop and take a break once in a while and make sure your own needs are being met too - East Point respite care is the answer. This service can be arranged for a few hours in your home or you can adopt residential respite care where your loved one can stay overnight. If you are looking to go on holiday or make a business trip you can be assured and confident that your parents or indeed any senior family member or friend is receiving the right level of care from a professional source.

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Alzheimer's cure

Currently a cure for Alzheimer's disease does not exist but some doctors recommend courses of drugs that soften the symptoms and clamp down on the rate of progression. These remedies settle numerous symptoms for a short time period.

What should seniors eat?

In essence the foods that doctors, nutritionists and dieticians have regarded as healthy for older people are usually the same as the foods that young people should incorporate into their diet too. Colourful vegetables and juicy fruits are indispensable in addition to foodstuffs that are packed with fibre including lentils, peas, wholegrains and brown rice. Give the read meat a rest and choose lean chicken or fish instead.

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