Unique program designed especially for senior citizens

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retirement homesSenior citizens get new social program

A social worker, named Katie Lucas has devoted herself to voicing the requirement of senior citizens and she has now developed a new program to assist them.

It is actually the memory of a veteran that has kept her focused on this novel mission.

Katie Lucas said, “I remember years ago coming across an elderly man, a veteran of one of the World Wars, who had no one to speak on his behalf. No wife, no children, no other family, no friends“.

From this one experience she has now gone on to design a new program to meet the needs of senior citizens.

Lucas added, “We just didn’t know what to do when it came time to make decisions as he ended his life. And I thought it was horrible that a person who served our country would die so alone, with no one to speak about his wishes.

I decided that my life would be about giving senior citizens support.

Lucas has now joined up with Judy Elton of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, a localized senior populace advocacy group, in order to form a program that can assist the senior populace. This new program provides seniors with medical aid as well help and support to make life enhancing decisions.

Unlike other programs, that usually concentrate on socialization of the senior citizens, this new initiative concentrates on long term nursing programs and acquainting medical professionals with issues that seniors may be embarrassed to reveal.

Scott Cooper, from the Delaware County TRIAD, who is also involved in the initiative said, “This program needs volunteers who understand what they’re getting into. You’ll be a true advocate for a senior who literally can’t tell people what’s going on or what they want when they die.

There’s a dire need for this in Delaware County if you think about the number of older people who don’t have family or friends nearby to make those hard decisions.

Source: http://www.thestarpress.com/article/20110624/NEWS01/106240335/Volunteers-needed-give-voice-seniors


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