Florida rejects funding for senior citizens

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Senior citizen funding rejected in Florida

On 24th June, a 14 member team of the Joint Legislative Budget Commission voted against a five year grant provided by the federal government.

The grant had been designed to help seniors in Florida by providing them with additional funds to meet their needs within their homes.

However, centers and senior facilities in Florida will now have to make serious cutbacks to adjust.

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Medicare plans to cover costly cancer treatments

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Cancer treatment covered by Medicare

Amidst recent dramas about health costs in the budget from Washington, officials of Medicare have announced that they will cover extremely costly cancer treatments.

According to the announcement, Medicare will bear the cost of Avastin at $88,000 a year for the treatment of eligible senior citizens.

The same is also true for Provenge, a therapeutic vaccine that helps boost the immune system and fight prostate cancer. This treatment costs around $93,000 for each course.

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Grant awarded for combating Medicare fraud

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Medicare fraud to be investigated thanks to grant

Earlier this week, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that thanks to a delegation grant, the Delaware Partners of the Senior Medicare Patrol will now receive $172,138 in order to fund its operation.

Rep. John Carney, Sens. Chris Coons and Tom Carper, hailed this news, as it will enable the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP)  to help the senior citizens of Delaware root out abuse and fraud cases.

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Medicare Debate Heats Up In Kentucky

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assisted livingDebate over medicare continues in North Kentucky

The national debate on Medicare came to North Kentucky last week with the local Democrats and Republicans sparring about a plan to overhaul the health care program for seniors.

About two months ago, Congressman Paul Ryan, R Wis, spoke of his plan to slash debt and federal spending and now the issue has returned to Kentucky.

Beginning in the year 2022, the plan proposes the termination of government health care for senior citizens and in its place a system of vouchers for use within the private sector.

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Democrats say ‘Hands off my Medicare!’ in support of Seniors

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“Hands off my Medicare!” say Democratic leaders

During a rally on Wednesday at the borough senior centre, Frank R. Lautenberg, U.S. Sen. supported the cry of 75 senior citizens.

Three assemblymen, two Borough Council members, and a Middlesex County freeholder also joined him in his appeal.

They were all opposed to the House Budget Committee’s plan led by Rep. Paul Ryan. According to Lautenberg, a $750 billion cut would change Medicare completely.

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