Artists for a Cause to visit Florida nursing homes

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Volunteers will work to spread the healing power of music.

Charity organization Artists for a Cause (A4AC) will visit 40 nursing homes and assisted living facilities to help performers make a difference to the lives of the elderly this Saturday in Florida.

Over 1000 seniors will be serenaded in the Treasure Coast area by music teachers, students and artists on Therapeutic Music Day.

Terry Barber, A4AC president, said: “Those we serve will hear a heartfelt performance by an artist seeking to utilize their art where it is most needed. Whether they hear classical, oldies, or musical theatre we expect that the listeners will connect with the art and be transported in a way that only music can.”

The elderly audience will get the chance to enjoy the performances while the 100 music students, aged between 5 and 60, will practice to improve their skills.

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