Resources for seniors offered by Weld County organization

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Weld County offer resources to senior citizens

A non-profit association named Senior Resource Services, located in Greeley, has started to offer a large number of programs to senior citizens of Weld County.

DeeAnn Groves founded the organization in  2007, with the mission of helping senior citizens, as well as their families, in issues related to aging.

As a result, the organization strives in helping the elderly lead an independent life.

If you are interested in signing up for one of these programs then you will be happy to know that they are provided free of charge to seniors and their family.

Some of the programs on offer include:

• Person 2 person: This program has been designed in the form of a lifeline for senior citizens and their caregivers. In this latest program offered by the organization, the volunteers remain paired with the elderly, providing emotional as well as practical support.

• Special friend program: In this program, the volunteers mainly supports the senior citizens by accompanying them to dental or medical appointments, senior centers or to the supermarket.

• Caregiver time-out program: In this program, full-time caregivers are provided with a two hour break in a given week; while trained volunteers care for the elderly.

• Information and referral: This makes details about resources, services and some available programs.

If these programs sound like they may prove beneficial then please get in contact with DeeAnn Groves or a member of Senior Resource Services.



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