Nursing Home Senior Citizens Helped by Church Members

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Church members offer help to senior citizens

God has his own ways of reminding us that he is always with us but, at times, senior citizens can forget and start to become lonely.

This is because seniors often need to be admitted into nursing homes because of major health issues, which sometimes leaves them with the belief that they have been abandoned by family and friends.

Well, members of community churches have started to reassure the seniors at the LanFair Centre by  preaching with them on a weekly basis. They bring along messages of compassion, hope and faith for these senior citizens. They tell them that God is still with them.

Bible studies and songs like “In the Garden”, “Blessed Insurance” and “How Great Thou Art” kindle hope in their hearts.

The activity director of LanFair Centre, Shannon Sisco, stated, “We have here at LanFair Center people who range from the ages 54 to 104 years. Some are here for temporary rehab and others are here for long term.”

He also said, “my goal as a activity director is to enable the quality of life of each person here. That includes providing spiritual care needs to each individual.

According to Sisco, these churches also provide spiritual support. Sisco said, “Each church contributes in their own way.

We have a great attendance every time a church visits and we average about 20 people in every service. I think over the years even I have learned more from the people I have met through their ministry. It has made me appreciate things more,” he said.



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