Internet a lifeline for growing numbers of seniors

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internet for seniorsThe USA has the highest percentage globally of active online users in all age groups. However, in common with other cultures, older people are in the minority compared to users overall.

The fact is that older people who don’t have online skills are cut off from all the advantages that using the internet can bring.

That is why for older adults who need help getting online, is a non-profit organization that delivers a nationwide service to give training, help and encouragement.

Seniors who are online can access the discounts and benefits available; including cheaper insurance, energy bills and restaurant meals.

Older adults are often avid users of social media such as Facebook and Twitter so they can easily keep in touch with friends and family at home and abroad. This is an activity that is especially popular with over 74s who enjoy sharing photos, videos and messages with their families online. The numbers of over 74s who are online have quadrupled in less than two years.

Twitter has become highly popular in the age group 55 and 64 as evidenced by the figures for June 2011 when Twitter usage for this demographic doubled to 8 per cent up from the previous November.

For Facebook users in the US the increase in older users is staggering. In fact, the most prolific users are women aged 55 plus, while there is a significant increase in US older Facebook users in the 35 to 64 age group. A relatively small number of US Facebook users are aged 55 to 64 at 4.6 per cent, while 8 per cent of users are aged 35 to 44. Total users in the 55 to 64 age group are 10,459,580 as in January 2011, and 28 million people over the age of 45 are active on Facebook.


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