Gretna senior center to stay put

March 30, 2012 by , filed under: Senior Living 

A lack of capital has been blamed for the decision.

The relocation of Gretna senior center will be delayed because of insufficient City funds.

The facility was supposed to be moved from its current base at St. Joseph’s apartment complex on Seventh Street to a former meeting hall on Franklin Street.

The space was going to be fully renovated to make it suitable for seniors and many repairs have already been completed under plans by Mayor Ronnie Harris. However, the capital required to upgrade the building has become too costly – the City has to pay 100% of the repairs to the center itself and 66% of repairs made to any other buildings that will benefit the facility.

Mayor Harris was keen to move the senior center in time for the expiry of the existing lease, which runs out in 2013. He believed the shift would make it easier for seniors to reach the building and get involved in center activities.

The current lease will now be renegotiated so that the center can stay at the St Joseph’s site.


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