Food containers delivered to Emmaus Services for the Aging

November 23, 2011 by , filed under: Senior charities 

Donations of food were distributed to a charity group.

Riderwood retirement community this morning delivered 100 food containers and plastic utensils – as well as gloves, aprons and hair nets for food preparation – to Emmaus Services for the Aging in Washington, D.C., to help feed 100 homebound senior citizens on Thanksgiving Day.

The donation was made by Riderwood immediately after it learned about the need. The Dining Services team pulled together the supplies. Volunteer Coordinator DeVona McFarlane helped to cook and pack the food.

Emmaus Services for the Aging is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that reaches out to build trust with senior citizens to provide support, advocacy, and services that help them remain active, respected, independent, and vital members of their community.

“In this time of counting our blessings and sharing it is important to help people of all ages who are in need,” said Fiona Divecha, the Philanthropy Manager at Riderwood. “We want to share our gifts to celebrate life.”


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