Do You Think That Your Elderly Are Being Overmedicated?

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nursing home 2U.S nursing homes are prescribing strong antipsychotic medicines to senior citizens. This has resulted in a debate regarding whether it is the most appropriate dementia treatment.

Inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services, Daniel Levinson, believes that this is quite alarming.

According to his commentary for, “The report found that too often, elderly residents are prescribed antipsychotic drugs in ways that violate government standards for unnecessary drug use.

However, psychiatrist Daniel Carlat says that the study cited by Levinson is just a “blizzard of statistics”.

In his commentary for Carlat said, “When these drugs are successful, they soothe the inner turmoil that makes life intolerable for these patients, improving their quality of life dramatically.

For experts trying to ensure that the elderly are being treated properly, the correct treatment method is getting more difficult to determine as a result of conflicting standards.

A resident of Florida, Laura Steckler, sought medical treatment for her aged mother after the elderly lady suffered from an episode of hallucinations and paranoia.

She told CNN that she too found herself participating in the debate regarding how much medication is too much for senior citizens.

However, until a consensus is reached the problems surrounding this issue are sure to continue.



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