Corona Cares celebrates one year jubilee

July 23, 2011 by , filed under: Assisted Living 

First anniversary for a voluntary based care group created to help seniors.

An Arizona elderly care organization celebrates its first anniversary this month.

The Tucson charity Corona Cares is run entirely through the help of volunteers who provide their time to change the lives of local seniors by offering support and assistance.

Funded through the Pima Council on Aging and private donations from the general public, the team helps seniors with their housework and also provides transportation. Volunteers make friendly visits to homes and lend a hand with the cooking and other household chores. They also provide food bags, which are paid for with cards donated by Walmart.

Ellie Abraham, Corona Cares’ program coordinator and founder said: “We knew people needed us and we really hustled to get ourselves organized well enough so we could start helping people. Isolation breeds depression in older people. Sometimes just getting them out for 15 minutes is a good thing.”

She continued: “I want to work harder to show people that we’re here to help in any way”.

The group was first started last May but it was not until July that the volunteers began to help the local elderly population. Currently 19 volunteers make up the staff and manage to assist 14 seniors.

Ann Martin, who helped Ms Abraham start the organization said: “I like making people happy. It makes them safe and comfortable. It’s part of something I feel that makes a better community if we know our neighbors.”


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