Bellevue senior care facility is running the risk of getting shut down

April 22, 2011 by , filed under: Senior Living 

The safe heaven eldercare facility situated in Bellevue could face the axe within 2 weeks if its authority fails to meet the council’s fire code requirement as set forth by the council in November.

Fire chief of Bellevue, Greg Beaver, sent a certified letter to the owner of the elder care facility, Scott Burpee, and in that letter he voiced his concerns over the lack of approved sprinkler and an alarm system in the facility. He also warned that the business license of the facility could be revoked if the authority fails to take the necessary steps.

Bellevue planning director, Craig Eckles, stated that the city is trying its best to bring the facility in line with the requirements set forth by the city council in order to avoid a tragedy.

In a city council meeting on Thursday Beaver said that the safe Heaven eldercare facility doesn’t possess an approved sprinkler and alarm and the previous one doesn’t comply with the current standards. He also complained that on examination, the team found that not every room in the facility has smoke detector and strobe light.



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