7 tips for senior social media sites

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Little-known social media sites for seniors

Over the last few years, social media has become ever present with more and more people logging on to connect with friends or to meet new people.

This is even the case with senior citizens, as more and more seniors are connecting to the internet, signing up for a social media site and connecting with long lost friends.

However, with so many sites out there it can be hard to choose the right one for your particular needs. So here are seven suggestions to help seniors choose the right site for them.

  1. SeniorFriendFinder. With email, instant messaging, and video messaging this site help people over the age of 40 connect with new friends. It can even be used for dating purposes.
  2. Eons. A popular social network for Baby Boomers, this site can help you connect with old friends and provides you with games, blogs, videos and photos.
  3. LifeTwo. This site allows you to read blogs or articles, whilst at the same connecting with your friends. A great site for rekindling friendships.
  4. Multiply. Although this site is not specifically for seniors it does have a large number of senior members. It is great for blogs, reviews and photo sharing.
  5. RedwoodAge. This site is an article-based site allowing members to review and comment on their favourite pieces. It is a great resource with some interesting topics to read about.
  6. eGenerations. With members in over 62 countries, this site is great for middle aged and senior citizens; creating a great platform for meeting new people.
  7. Boomer-Living.com. Join up on this site and you can experience an ideal social network for seniors, where you can meet others and even play games.
These are just 7 of the site to choose from, so why not look around and see which site you like most? Just remember, don’t give out any personal details to strangers whilst connecting with new people.


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