7 programs to implement in your senior living facility

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7 activities to promote in your care home

If you are the manager or director of a senior living facility then you will know how important it can be to keep seniors motivated.

That is why it is a good idea to establish certain activities and programs in order to keep their minds active and to help them feel part of the community.

So here are seven programs that have proved quite effective, not to mention enjoyable, in a lot of care facilities across the country.

  1. Bingo. This simple game, that is thousands of years old, can be quite exciting and can be an activity to look forward to. It can even help seniors to develop confidence, as they will have to shout out ‘Bingo’ if they win. It is also a good way to involve everyone and make your facility feel more like a community.
  2. Book Group. Reading might not be for everyone but for those that enjoy it, a book group can be quite stimulating. It can allow seniors to articulate their views and opinions and can help to keep their minds active. It can also get people talking and can allow them to meet new friends.
  3. Day trips. Taking a day trip once a month can allow seniors to feel a part of the neighbourhood and can give them the chance to interact with the outside world. It can also help to develop friendships, as well as giving seniors the opportunity to experience new activities.
  4. Games night. Holding a bridge or chess tournament once a week can help to break up the week and will allow seniors to interact with one another. The strategy and skill of the game can even help to keep their minds active and can slow the effects of dementia.
  5. Art classes. Taking up art in later life can help seniors to express themselves and to address some of the issues they may be having. Picking up a brush makes all of the difference and can add a bit of color to the life of a senior.
  6. Educational classes. Organizing for a local tutor to come into your senior facility and teach psychology, English, history or philosophy can give seniors a real confidence boost. Classes like these can get seniors talking and get them thinking in ways they never knew that they could, which in turn will help to boost their self-esteem.
  7. Classic movie night. Why not set up a DVD player and play a classic movie once a week? You could even allow seniors to suggest a movie and have everyone vote on what to watch. An old movie from their youth or just a film they really like can help them to reminisce and can be quite a treat.
So if you are thinking of ways to improve the programs and events held within your senior facility, then why not consider some of the fun activities mentioned above.


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